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What is Metallothionein?

What is Metallothionein?

Metallothionein (MT) is a small protein occurring naturally in every organism on earth. It is a substance which our body produces in response to various harmful stress stimuli. Its functions include binding and deactivating toxic free radicals, heavy metals and chemicals as well as regulating the levels of many essential metal ions.

Numerous medical conditions develop due to elevated and chronic oxidative stress. As our body is no longer able to deal with this stress, the damage accumulates and manifests in various diseases such as Diabetes, Hyperlipidemia, Fatty Liver Syndrome, Liver Cancer, Thyroid Cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease and others.

Many of these diseases, once manifest, typically lead to a further increase in oxidative stress, exacerbating the existing condition and leading to a continually deteriorating state, often disrupting the body’s ability to continue generating metallothionein, creating a vicious cycle. 

However, Metallothionein is able to directly stop oxidative stress by scavenging the stressors and restoring other natural mechanisms the body uses to protect itself. 

Zinc HypoMT: A Supercharged Antioxidant

Formosa HMT Biotech’s patented process uses transgenic yeast to develop a hypo-metallated form of metallothionein, Zinc hypo MT, vastly improving its ability to scavenge toxic free radicals, heavy-metals and chemicals.

  • Zinc hypo MT is a safe and natural means to help manage Diabetes and related diseases, with no known side effects. 
  • It can be used as a supplement for general health, wellness and fitness in addition to helping stabilize blood sugar levels.
  • It can help reduce the onset of Diabetes and related metabolic diseases as well as neuro-degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease.



MTs scavenge reactive oxygen intermediaries that cause cell damage (and degenerate anti-oxidant defenses), and facilitate restoration of the body’s natural repair systems.

MTs proven molecular functions range from protection against oxidative stress, scavenging free radicals, heavy metals and toxic chemicals, balancing redox potential, and balancing free levels of physiological metal ions such as zinc, to more indirect functions such as stimulation of nerve tissue regeneration, and regulation of gene activity.

MT, specifically zinc-metallothionein, provides a significantly higher degree of protection against radiation-induced DNA damage as compared with both glutathione and albumin.

Zinc hypo MT™ can be formulated or combined with any dietary supplement product on the global market, or can be taken alone as an antioxidant. Can effectively enhance all vitamins, multivitamins and antioxidants and other supplements on the global market related to:

  • Diabetes
  • Hyperlipidemia
  • Fatty Liver Syndrome
  • Liver Cancer
  • Thyroid Cancer
  • Brain Health (Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease and others)
  • Heart Health
  • Immune System


MTs are not only able to detoxify the presence of heavy metals in the body, but also protect cells or tissues from oxidative damage. Specifically, Zinc-metallothionein has been proven to protect against radiation-induced DNA damage better than glutathione and copper- or cadmium metallothioneins, delivering vastly superior benefits in terms of skin tissue regeneration, wound healing and UV protection. 

These properties provide opportunity for application of Zinc hypo MT in:

  • Cosmetic face masks
  • Sunscreen
  • Acne products
  • Face and body moisturizers
  • Shaving creams
  • Toothepaste
  • Scalp creams and skin lotions

Sports Supplements

Zinc hypoMT can be used as a supplement whereby more metallothionein can be delivered externally by supplying it to the site of injury, (injured muscle tissue) especially to those cells / tissue that cannot actively make it.

Any type of cell injury or active cell growth will increase the synthesis of MT in most of the cells. The evidence correlates with the increased requirement for Zinc during these cellular process. MT synthesis may be a mechanism to gather (provide) Zinc at the site of injury or growth within a short time. In addition the -SH groups in MT will provide antioxidant protection against any oxidative process. 

MT will improve any tissue damage in most of the organs and will help increased cell growth.

In the case of skeletal muscle cells, the supplement of MT may help more since it has a low basal level of MT


Formosa HMT Biotech, established and registered in 2016, has developed a low-cost, affordable, patented process for the manufacture of high capacity Zinc hypoMTTM Metallothionein(“hypoMTs”) that supplement and boost the body’s ability to defend against and reverse damage caused by oxidative stress.

Chief Scientist – Dr. George M. Cherian

Dr. George M. Cherian, Professor Emeritus, University of Western Ontario is a distinguished metal toxicologist with over 40 years of experience conducting research in Developmental Biology and Cancer Research.

Dr. Cherian received various honors throughout his career, including the Deans Award of Excellence for Research at the University of Western Ontario’s Faculty of Medicine (1994), Japan Science and Technology Agency (JSTA) Fellowship (1998), Lifetime Achievement Award from the United States Society of Toxicology (2005), and the Award of Distinction from the Canadian Society of Toxicology (2006).

Dr. Cherian has served on the review committee for various research grants, including as Member, Metallobiochemistry Study Section, National Institute of Health (U.S.) (1981-1985), Member, Environmental Health Sciences Review Committee, NIEHS, (U.S.) (1987-1991), Member, Environmental Toxicology Grants Review Committee, National Science & Engineering Research Council, Canada (1992-1995), NIEHS Superfund Review Committee (1994), and U.S. Army Grants Review Committee (1994).

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